Boca Burger Give-a-way

Yesterday it was about 55 in Chicago. It was March 2nd. We've had one of the coldest & snowiest winters in years. Thus it felt like July for a bit. So it's not surprising that we thought about dragging out the BBQ and throw some food on there. When we left our house at 4 pm, we could smell that many of our neighbors had the same thought, but had actually done it.

While I haven't eaten beef in forever, I still like the smell of meat from a BBQ. I know, I know...don't lecture me. I don't get the urge to eat it, it's just the smell.

So...for all you vegans & vegetarians out there, it's time to start stocking up on Boca Burgers. You know you'll start to get invites to BBQs and sometimes friends just don't take us non-beef eaters into consideration. In order to help out, I'm offering SEVEN readers coupons for two free packages of Boca Burgers. That's right. FOURTEEN free boxes of Boca Burgers.

To enter:

1) Write a post on your blog about your favorite way of making Boca Burgers. Do you slather them in BBQ sauce? Are you a meat-eater who just loves the taste of Bocas? Tell the world and link back to this entry.

2) Leave a comment with your blog link so I know where to find you.

3) Make sure that I can figure out how to contact you so I can get your mailing address. Don't leave it in the comments, k? I just need an email address for you.

4) What if you don't have a blog? You can leave your Boca story in the comments.

If I get more than 7 entries, I'll pick winners at random.

Good luck and thanks!

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