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Booger is a Feminist

The Feminist Majority has a new video with a slew of stars, men and women, and some every day people talking about being a feminist. One of the men included is Curtis Armstrong who played Booger in the Revenge of the Nerds movies. Of course this made me chuckle. Sorry, but each time I see Curtis, I think of Booger and his amazing belching skills. I am still in awe.

Of course my favorite Latina is in the movie (as is Betty's sister & beloved Daniel). Which is awesome.

And as should be expected is a few seconds are spent on how being a feminist makes you good in bed. Oy...can we please move past this? Yes, being in control of your life is empowering everywhere else, but this whole feminist = good sex thing is far too over played. Do new feminist recruits all get a tube of lube and a sex toy? Do young women only care if feminism will make them awesome in bed? Overall it's a great movie and had a great number of men in it. Check it out.

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