Prepping for WAM

And even thou I do plan to take the laptop and do some live-blogging, I figured that I should also attempt to Twitter WAM as well. Also note my new tag just for WAM! :)

I guess you need to be a follower of mine to see my updates. As my current status says, I'm still not convinced that this new uber-popularity contest tool will be important, but hey, maybe I'll just use it for times like conferences where people are always saying something awesome.

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Dani L said...

Okay - I am new to this... what is twittering???

Sounds like a Looney Tunes Cartoon thing (yes, I am dating myself...)


Veronica said...

It's this tool/toy where you can send updates to friends aka followers anytime of day. So if I were Twittering right now, I'd say "I'm blogging" or "Went to the bathroom and found 2 women crying their eyes out...damn men!" I do the update thing on Facebook, but the Twitter thing seems to be more intense and someone decided to put value on it. I don't get it.