22 March 2008

Speaking of good authors...

I'm in this month's Bookworm carnival for my two book reviews:

Viva la Feminista reviews Wendy Walker’s Four Wives about four housewives from Connecticut and their secrets. In another post she reviews The Baby Lottery by Kathryn Trueblood, a novel about the influence one woman’s abortion has on her circle of long-time friends.

But since I know you've already read those reviews, head on over to the Bookworm Carni to read what others are saying about women's literature.


Florinda said...

I hadn't read either of those reviews yet, since I'm new to your blog (just arrived via Work It, Mom!) - so, hello! :-)

However, I've read them now and am going to make note of both titles. They sound like the type of contemporary women's literature that I enjoy, and would probably offer good discussion for my book club. Thanks for the heads-up!

I missed this month's Bookworms Carnival, but hope to participate in another one before too long.

Veronica said...

Thanks! Let's connect on WIM too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the promotion, Veronica!