03 March 2008

To Twitter or not?

I tried Twitter a while back and hated it. I tried again and hated it. I just couldn't seem to understand why I needed to know when my BFF was taking a tea break. Or why she needed to tell me. Now I'm addicted to Facebook and I kinda get it. But seriously, what's the big deal with Twitter? Someone please tell me one good reason I should saddle myself with one more social network thingy that doesn't give back to me. I've begun to Digg, Digg, Digg and nada. At least some times I do get a wave of new readers Stumbling in. Blogrush is a dud for me. I feel like these "tools" are just a way for me to attend the cool kid party and wait for the cutie across the room to notice me and ask me to dance.

I read that many of y'all are Twittering and hitting pay dirt for it, but seriously, I just don't get it.


Anonymous said...

thank you. i am right there with you. i am NOT into the whole "superpoke!" business. "r@d@r just threw a sheep at you! throw a sheep back? or give him a hug?" i'mlikewhatev

linkedin is nice because it's relatively free of all the b?!?s?!t. and it has the sort-of "professional" veneer.

Veronica said...

*snort* Yeah, I don't get into the whole super poke thing on Facebook either. Did ya see that Plaxo is bordering on a social network? Weird that an online address book evolves into a social network. *shrug*