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30 March 2008

WAM! - Sunday Late Morning Sessions

Again I'm going to go to more than one session.

How to Get Heard: The Art of Strategic Communication with Editors
Barbara Beckwith, Jeanne Harnois, and Shirley Moskow
  • Don't turn in an assignment without pitching a new story
  • Hang out with writers - It's a lifestyle
  • Never pitch a story with an attachment - It will end up in a spam folder
  • Always turn in things on time
  • Just get out there and do it
  • Don't be afraid to push back
Barbara's notes
  • While most people say that you shouldn't work for free, she did start out writing for Sojourner which paid very little ($15) or nothing at all. Her early writing was her experience that she used to be a more professional writer.
  • Don't minimize your experience. You aren't just a college student - You wrote for the Beacon.
  • Meet your editor if you can in person.
  • How to approach an editor - Know that you have value, express a sense of congeniality, don't use their first name until they use yours thou, know that they need your ideas to get their work done.
  • Bringing up money enhances your credibility and professional status in an editor's eyes.
  • Try the top, try the bottom. Don't think that you have work your way up from the bottom.

Conscious Women Rock the Page: Using Hip Hop Fiction to Incite Feminist Action
JLove Calderon, Elisha Miranda, Sofia Quintero, and Marcella Runell Hall

I jumped in and out of this session NOT because it sucked but because my brain is full. I needed to find a place to chill out a bit before brunch.

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Cinnamon said...

Have I given you Paula Kamen's book on Iris Chang yet? Paula writes about the techniques Iris used to become a stringer while still in college and how she went on to write for the Trib and the New York Times.


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