18 March 2008

Wanna see me get my ass kicked?

I commented over at Feministing and brought up the "Full Frontal Feminism" cover...again. Hey, they asked for it! *sigh*

I seriously see no difference in getting all huffy about WOC being cropped at the neck and advertising a book that has a cropped white woman's body. And I've already been told that the difference is that it is WOC who are being cropped while the white woman keeps her head. Oh, ok...Maybe I'm thinking too hard.

But, I ask you my dear and growing gaggle of readers, what do you think? Of course, if you see no problem with either depiction of women, say that too. It's a valid stance.

edited to add: I'm admittedly surprised that the conversation didn't get out of control over my comment. Not that I think I'm some walking target, but I've seen the comment section go out of control before when someone questions F'ing's intentions. So I've very happy that I was able to comment and it pretty much went over everyone's head.

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Unknown said...

I think that you have two separate things that are both doing the same thing. One is showing a bit of racism (even though I'm a white woman..so what do I know?) and the one you're talking about is a cover of a book talking about feminism but shows a hottie body on it....because all women look like that. Then again...I'm stupid about stuff like this :) That's MY input

Radical Reminders said...

I agree with Amy. Although i do see your point (yes, IMO, Full Frontal Feminism's cover def. objectifies women) but the feministing post wasn't about objectification as much as racism - only the women of color in the ad had their body parts cropped - know what i mean?