Dr. Susan Wicklund @ WCF on Book TV

I finally found the video of Dr. Susan Wicklund's reading I attended in January.

Here is Em, a staff member of the Chicago Abortion Fund talking about the great work we do, how we do it, and how we follow up with our grantees...at least 3 times after they have their procedure done. Yup, CAF follows up with the women who use their services. We want to make sure that they are doing as well as possible.

This is my favorite ex-book seller. I was sad to hear that she left Women & Children First, but super excited when I was able to recruit her to the CAF board. Oh, yes...if you get to know me in person I will recruit you to do something with me.

Angelique is introducing Dr. Wicklund with the same giddiness she has when introducing just about any author. I have no idea how she does it...I'm such a fangirl that I'd be a total mess.

Here I am asking Dr. Wicklund (about 47:30) about her daughter. Obviously since I'm in the front row, there are many shots of me, but don't fret, I'm not checking my email on my phone. I'm checking the photos since I forgot my real camera and had to settle on my camera phone...sigh.

I also want to point you to 27:00 of this one hour video. This is where Dr. Wicklund discusses a very tough case where she made a mistake. It's hard to sum up and honestly, if the only part of the video you watch is this, that's fine with me. She makes a beautiful case of how as feminists, as reproductive justice activists, we need to be honest with each other. We have to talk about our mistakes to learn from them, move on (in a positive way), and not shove things into our junk drawer never to be seen or heard from again.

I think we need to take that lesson from Dr. Wicklund and take that into every aspect of our feminism. We will screw up. We will get mad. But let's talk about it, see if there is anything we can do, and keep on fighting.

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