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23 April 2008

My lame and late Earth Day post

Yesterday was super busy in Feminista-land and in lieu of some tree-hugging goddess worshiping Earth Day post, I bring you word from Patriarchyland (via Feministing - I don't link to anti-feminist sites) that you, you working mom, are the cause of global change. Moms like Dawn, who stay at home and home school, are the saviors and we must all model her.

Indeed, stay-at-homes moms save the state's highway infrastructure from meltdown, especially since a "nanny" often drives to the working mom's house, putting three cars on the road where otherwise one would do.

Homeschooling moms further ease the strain on the ecosystem by keeping their kids off the road. The California judged who ruled that "parents do not have a constitutional right to homeschool their children" obviously did not prepare an environmental impact statement before doing so.

Of course, despite my sarcasm, I do hope to model Dawn one day....without the home schooling thou. Seriously, my daughter & I might kill each other.


Nicole Pelton said...

I don't have a nanny, but it's an honor just to be nominated :) You were in my new "working moms" google alert

Dawn said...

Oh homeschool parents waste gas like nobody's business. Consider this: We live right across the street from the school Noah is NOT going to. We drive him several times a week to various homeschool activities all over town. Don't believe the hype; homeschooling parents are the scourge of the nation!!!!


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