08 April 2008

Not my story to blog - Seal Press & WOC

While some out there truly believe I have a future in books, I can't turn my back on the raging exchange of words between the radical WOC blogosphere and Seal Press.

  1. Read La Chola
    Furthermore, it also means that women of color gain a reputation outside of academia as being considered “unpublishable.” Seal Press recently had an exchange with another woman of color blogger at which it was finally disclosed that women of color authors don’t sell, but it would be fabulous to publish them! (It appears that several of the comments on this exchange were taken down–pay attention to “bah”’s comments for proof that these things were said.)
  2. Read the Seal Press blog
It's late...I should had been sleeping 30 minutes ago (I'm already in bed, so I can't say I need to go to bed), so I'll just leave you with those two posts, that contain other links in them. This is what I was talking about when I said something went down at WAM! and it wasn't my story to tell.

JFTR - This isn't about me wanting a book deal. I highly doubt anyone would give me one by myself. Maybe if I hooked my wagon to a star...nah. ;-)


Cinnamon said...

I saw this post linked somewhere and read the post on blackamazon's page and was shocked, amazed, and horrified by their comments. I left a comment on the Seal Press blog, but it hasn't made it out of moderation and probably never will. It's disheartening, this situation. And I really think they need to address this situation because it isn't going to go away on its own. Starting with a genuine apology would be a good start.

Anonymous said...

I read the post at BA and was horrified that it got out of hand so quickly. Seal Press' first comment was NOT unprofessional, hateful, racist nor any of the other above crap that it was called, and I posted this THERE at BlackAmazon but haven't seen it yet. If anything, Seal's first post was informal, that's it.

Also, they were not AT all speaking to BA in a "rude way" (as she immediately jumped on them in the very next para.)- If anything an informal way.

That got waaay crazy and I was waiting for someone to shout WHITE DEVIL ...and I am brown LOL.

I never got to the rest of the 100 and something comments there, but their first comment at least did not merit what I saw. Can't speak beyond that.