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11 April 2008

Race, Sex, Power: Session 3: Sex & Erotica

With a title like that, my stats should shoot up, eh?

Sorry for the lack of live blogging earlier. My laptop battery was dying and there weren't any accessible outlets in the other rooms. Now I'm on the floor, slightly behind the stage. Hopefully I can suck up enough power before the panel starts.

This will be my last session for today as I have to head out for kid pick-up!

Panelists include:
Dionne Bensonsmith
John Keene
Rebecca Plante
Kortney Ryan Ziegler

Technorati tags: race, Chicago, power, latina, sexuality


Sounds like it was an amazing conference. Are you planning to write these up into a full post? Just thinking, if you did, there's a new Carnival that it'd be great for:


well now...perhaps i shall.

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