Why I do this

I get asked a lot why I blog. I get asked this more often as I add more blogs to my blogging plate.

I blog because I have to. Do you know that guy who yells at the TV during baseball games? Or the woman who talks back to Oprah? Well, I do that to CNN. If taped, my watching the nightly news or Anderson Cooper would look like MST3K with the amount of mocking and heckling I do. Yes, you can pity my husband.

My minds does not stop. I am constantly thinking about this or that. Sometimes finding myself obsessing over a certain story. What clears my mind? Doing something like knitting or Sudoku. For reals. I have to do logic problems for me to stop thinking about how screwed up this country is that I had to attend a rally for sex ed today. Seriously? Sex ed? Come on...We shouldn't have to rally for that. Sex ed should be a freaking given and not treated as an opportunity to spew hate and lies into young people's minds.

This is therapy for me as I have an opinion on almost everything. I don't always think I'm right and most of the time I'm afraid that there isn't a right answer. I think I make up for all the people I meet who say, "I'm just not political." Um, yeah...whatever. See, I don't buy that excuse. When your tax bill comes or on Tax Day everyone is political.

I also am a feminist who does not wear a feminist lens. It was implanted. I cannot remove the lens nor turn off that part of my brain when I watch TV or a movie. Sure, I like a Judd Apatow movies, but I'm also slapping my wrist when I laugh at certain things.

I also love to read so blogging feeds that addiction. To be a good blogger you need to read others. To be a popular blogger you need to read & comment on other blogs and hopefully others will follow. I'm not so good on that last one. Thus my small readership.

About 2 years ago I started to get book review offers. OMFG...could blogging get any better? You want to GIVE me your book and all I need to do is write about it? Um, Thank you, may I have another? I'll write a better book review guideline post later.

At the end of the day, this is all fun. I love connecting with people of similar views, being challenged by the more radical feminists out there, and dong my part to spread the gospel. If I get paid, all the better! haha...Seriously thou, I also believe that blogging for 7 1/2 years was the best writing school I could have attended. As my writing gets better, I thank Blogger for being here and hosting me for all these years.

And lastly I thank you, the readers...most of whom don't comment, but I know you're here.

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belledame222 said...

-waves hi-

Yeah, it is addictive. Actually I think I'm addicted to the 'Net in general, online conversation in particular (in various formats)--there's just something about the immediacy of it.

Veronica said...


Kim Moldofsky said...

I'm reading!

Anonymous said...

to tell you the honest truth: april 15th always puts me the closest to saying and doing stuff that would probably get me locked up if i actually followed through.

if we could somehow channel the angst and rage ordinary americans feel on april 15th - we'd have more revolution happening than we'd know what to do with.

blogging is anger management and therapy for depression for me. without this sounding board, i probably would be locked up too, just not in the same place.

it might be hyperbole for me to say "blogging saved my life" but it certainly kept me out of serious trouble.

Lisa said...

At the end of the day, this is all fun.

Mhm, good reminder! Good words!

I need to go back to having fun like you...

Anonymous said...

Hey Veronica! Keep those blogs acomin'. I can always count on your writing to give my often weary mind a much needed kickstart.

Bob S.

Andrea Frazer said...