21 April 2008

Work it, Mom! Monday!

This week I ask us to ponder not just our own paychecks, but the paychecks of those hard working women who care for our children during the day.

From NWLC:

In 2006, child care workers earned an average of just $9.05 an hour, or $18,820 annually. In comparison, baggage porters earned an average of $21,580 annually and pet sitters earned an average of $20,230 annually. Child care workers are also often denied other important and necessary benefits, such as health care and sick leave. Because of the low wages and limited benefits associated with child care work, many women in the industry are forced to take on second jobs.

Come on and join the conversation!

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Ajijaak said...



Why underpay the "caregiver" when these particular individuals offer much more than just care. They are raising peoples children, teaching them life lessons, offering love and services. I find the pay inequities are way out of balance with what with say we value in our society. Greed and excess are the demise of this nation.