Blogging does thicken your skin

Another blogger has put up their "gone fishing" sign - Jill.

I've been reading Feministe since it was just a one woman show and remember when Jill joined the team and obviously when she took over the helm. So it's bittersweet to see her as the latest victim of the feminist wars. Then again, every victim breaks my heart.

I've seethed afterwards about feminist throw downs that never make it out of the back rooms. Oh yes, us feminists have back rooms - usually they are smoke-free thou. Usually. When I've vented to friends I've had to hang up their phones as they try to call the press. A good friend whose been in the biz since the 1970s told me, "We should never air our dirty laundry in public. It will only be fuel for our real enemies." I agreed...mostly.

I say mostly because I have felt that there are times when "back room politics" should be aired because I think they would help the overall conversation. Here in the blogosphere we have no backrooms. We have under read blogs, but search engines don't discriminate - Click long enough and you'll hit pay dirt.

I admit that I read the Utne Reader piece on feminist blogs and misread the quote by Jessica. I'm glad that she cleared it up, but I still feel that they do feminism strip mining style. But that's their style and hopefully readers will click that link to another blog or org site that will go into further depth.

On the upside there is a new blog carnival, the carnival of allies. Submissions are due in a few days.

Again, I forget which blog I read this on, but someone said that hopefully this is more like growing pains. That feminism will be stronger for this, that the feminist blogosphere will be damn stronger too.

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