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When I started this blog last summer I had included a blogroll. Why not? I wanted to share with readers where else in this vast blogosphere I think they should be reading. Then I took it down a few months later.


I hate blogrolls. They play into every stupid shred of high school politics that resides in me. Oh, why aren't I on this person's blogroll? Oh! So and so finally linked me! Yeah, they love me.

If you ask some people how you get yourself "known" in the blogosphere it's about the blogrolls. Link Y and she'll link back...maybe.

I write all of this because I think I may reinstate my blogroll, but I need to figure out the rules I'll hold myself to. Should I only blogroll bloggers who comment here? A little thank you for their time & effort? Only small blogs? Blogs I read every day? Latina blogs? Ugh...see, this is where my head starts to hurt.'s been a long weekend and I'm ready for bed. Night.


habladora said…
Seriously, I keep mine as a type of feminist blog reader. I have a massive blog roll right now for a blog my size, but it is because I got tired of having them on my bloglines - I like my reader for news and my blog roll for the blogs that I like to check at least once a week. Having a blog roll doesn't have to be political - I stopped putting up 'thank you for the link' sites because I only wanted issue-based blogs. So now I put up anything that I myself want to read regularly - blogs concerned with the same issues I am that treat those issues from a slightly different angle. It is nice, it makes a sort of community. And sure, it is nice when someone you've linked to comments or links back. But really, you shouldn't be linking just for the attention - a blog roll is a nice place to keep a list of people you like to read to make it easy for yourself and your like-minded readers to find more interesting discussions.
whatsername said…
I personally like blogrolls because I think they give blogosphere newbs a good place to find new, good, blogs.

I know what you mean about the popularity contest sort of thing... But I really try not to look at it that way. I only ever link to blogs that I read regularly, because I figure if I find them interesting enough to do so, people who like me will as well. There's always lots more that I think are good, but I just don't read regularly, but that's the fun part about looking through people's blog rolls, all the stuff you'll find.
Anonymous said…
I really like blogrolls. When I fist started blogging I did see them as a popularity contest. I was thrilled to be linked to "bigger" blogs and annoyed that the real big feminist blogs ignored me. Now, I don't give a damn. I link to people I like, blogs that I read regularly and to resources that I think are useful to readers of my own blog.

If people link back that's great. If they don't it really doesn't matter. I feel confident enough in my own work now not to worry about it.

You can definitely afford to make your own rules for your blogroll. There are no rules really.

I mostly find that the most interesting blogrolls (and a great way to discover blogs that I might never have come accross) are the wild ones. The ones that link to stuff that the blogger is personally interested in rather than the ones that link to all the "right" people.

Anyway, just wanted to say don't worry about what you should and shouldn't do. Blogging shouldn't be painful :-D

I have to go through my blogroll pretty soon... not looking forward to that!
i definitely see what you mean about the popularity contest, there are always those few blogs that appear on everyone's blogrolls and it's nice to link to smaller, less read blogs because they also have kick ass stuff to say.

However, i do love blogrolls for the simple reason of community. I starting writing because i wanted to feel connected to a world, or a group of people, with whom i had common beliefs. This community evolved for me through blogging and through getting familiar with other's blogs. For me, this was only possible by following the links on different blogs and establishing a blogroll of my own.

I absolutely second deviousdiva's sentiment that "blogging shouldn't be painful" so as long as you enjoy what you're doing, don't worry so much :)
Dani L said…
Don't know what a blogroll is, but I would assume that when you reinstate yours, even though my blog is not a "feminist" blog, that you will include it for the recipes.

:-) Kidding!

Good luck on deciding who makes the cut!

Lve ya -
PunditMom said…
Oh, man ... the politics of the blogroll.

I like reading other people's blogrolls because it takes me to new blogs I might not have found otherwise. But, yes, I am wary of the whole politics of high school aspect of them.

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