When I started this blog last summer I had included a blogroll. Why not? I wanted to share with readers where else in this vast blogosphere I think they should be reading. Then I took it down a few months later.


I hate blogrolls. They play into every stupid shred of high school politics that resides in me. Oh, why aren't I on this person's blogroll? Oh! So and so finally linked me! Yeah, they love me.

If you ask some people how you get yourself "known" in the blogosphere it's about the blogrolls. Link Y and she'll link back...maybe.

I write all of this because I think I may reinstate my blogroll, but I need to figure out the rules I'll hold myself to. Should I only blogroll bloggers who comment here? A little thank you for their time & effort? Only small blogs? Blogs I read every day? Latina blogs? Ugh...see, this is where my head starts to hurt.'s been a long weekend and I'm ready for bed. Night.