15 May 2008

Equal Marriage in Cali!

Thanks to Shakes for posting the utterly craptastic responses by the two Democratic candidates for President in response to today's ruling that California's gay marriage ban is unconstitutional.

I am seriously so pissed that their responses that I can't even form a coherent rant. So congrats Hill & Barry...You have left me speechless over your continued pandering to the homophobic voting block.

Now to my non-hetero sisters and brothers...Congrats. While I have theoretical objections to the institution of marriage, I also know how nice it feels to be married, especially the health benefits. I hope that this ruling leads to a flood of weddings in California and that it's a huge economic boost. I can't remember where I read it, but seriously, if gay men really do know how to accessorize, can you imagine the wedding bling? *wink*

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Florinda said...

Thanks for the links. Disappointing, I agree.

My husband's response to the story in this morning's paper was along the lines of "Marriage isn't about raising kids, it's about legal rights...and why shouldn't they have them?"

I had really thought I wouldn't marry again after my divorce; it was actually the gay community's fight for the legal rights and privileges of marriage that made me rethink it.

I live in California, and I'll be watching my mail for some wedding invitations. :-)