Is Indiana poised to have a woman governor?

Missing in the national coverage of yesterday's Indiana primary is the razor thin win by Democrat Jill Thompson Long to win her party's nomination for governor. Yes, I know that Jim Schellilnger isn't conceding, but it's a rare thing for more votes to be discovered. Either way, it's still a story that doesn't seem to be discussed this day after.

While her website needs some work - a link to read more about State Senator Sue Errington's endorsement keeps me in a clicky loop - the fact that Errington has endorsed her is a good sign for feminists. Errington has an excellent record as a feminist. According to wikipedia, it looks like she would be the first woman to govern that state.

That said, Thompson Long is in the agriculture business and the big AG business at that. I have to wonder what that would mean to Indiana, but would it be any worse under a Republican? Doubtful. The state of agriculture in our country is certainly a feminist issue don't get me wrong. But if I lived in Indiana, I'd pick the candidate who might support better health care and education even if she gives tax breaks to big Ag. Considering the state of Indiana's economy, I can't see any other path for their farming industry. Really, a very sad state of affairs in this country. If anyone is from my neighboring state and has a better perspective on this, please comment! I didn't even realize this was happening until I heard a snippet on NPR this morning.

At least we have something else to think about than Barack & Hillary, right?

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