Kudos to NARAL Pro-Choice America

In the last couple of years I've done some mostly pro-bono (thanks PP!) consulting for orgs & people who want to start a blog. The first thing I always tell people is that I'm tired of seeing blogs started just to start a blog. As much as I am addicted to blogging, both reading & writing, I hate seeing bad blogs start and especially hate to see orgs start one just to ignore it.

I won't go into the other things because well, my business would just go here. ha! But seriously, I want to give a big huge kudos to NARAL Pro-Choice America's new blog AND integration on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, etc.

Last weekend I assisted Deborah Siegel in a blogging workshop at the Council on Contemporary Families conference. One question that did come up about whether to use Facebook or not. I tried my best to explain that some what an org or author should do is to use all the tools they can manage. I know not every org and person can handle using all of the tools, but gosh dang it, when an org commits to organizing online it can be simply BE-U-TEE-FUL!

Many, if not all, of the people in our workshop had excellent reasons for starting blogs and I really hope they do.

So go check out how NARAL Pro-Choice America is using blogging + social networking to = one kick ass feminist network.

Well now that there is a model out there, maybe y'all won't need me anymore.

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