Latin@s in Hollywood - Bad & Good

When I first saw the trailer for Beverly Hills Chihuahua, I was floored and fearful. I was floored because of the total racist portrayal that I felt was on display. Aztec chihuahuas? For reals? I was fearful because my daughter is obsessed with chihuahauas. If she sees this trailer, she's gonna want to see it and well, I'm not.

So I was very happy to see Latinitasoyme rip the trailer apart with both a Latin@ and a gender viewpoint:

Not to mention the perpetration of male domination from having the leading characters in these films being males (What about all the Disney Princesses? What kind of portrayal of women is being displayed? Just think about that.) As well as having Papi, the Chihuahua, being in the forefront of the film's poster rather than Chloe, the Chihuahua, who the plot is said to surround.

For some better reading on Latinas in Hollywood, the Chicago Sun-times has a cute profile on America Ferrera (my girl crush) because she's got two movies this summer. Movies by Women alerted me to the fact that America's first movie this summer, How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer, is directed by a woman. It's too late for all of us to run out for opening weekend, but sign up for their alerts so you'll be able to support women-lead movies in the future. And go see Garcia looks good!

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