A Lesson For All Your Youngsters Out There...

I'm working on my reapplication to the Progressive Women's Voices program. I applied for the second round and didn't get in. I was taken aback considering that the program says they want new voices and different voices. Yet if you click on that link and see who actually has gotten in, well, this reapplication is a long shot.

The hardest part of this application process?

Remembering all my media appearances!

Somehow I thought that this program was to find brand new voices, but apparently not. Just new voices in that women's voices aren't heard much at all, but they do want experienced voices. And seriously, that makes sense. So, here I am putting finishing touches on my resume and application and I can NOT for the life of me find all my media appearances. One part of the application asks for media clips. I have things that were in print, but outside of a poorly taped segment on TV, I have no live media to send them. That's what happens when you do most of your radio on community radio.

But even besides having the pieces, just remembering all the dates is driving me insane. I'm going to go dig thru my old appointment books pre-Treo to see if I can put together my media timeline.

So...for those of you starting out with anything - DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT, DOCUMENT!!

You know how people say that you should always update your resume after you do something? Yeah, you really should. Or at least keep a better journal, diary, whatever so you're not like me running around trying to prove that you do have some experience. Not Donna Brazile experience, but I think some decent experience.

OK...back to writing.