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12 May 2008

No Skirt Monday!

It's official, sk-rt is now kirtsy!

I am happy that they chose that name, I liked it all along. In my head you curtsy as a thank you at the end of a performance or when you meet someone regal to show a sense of awe. Well when you're surfing the blogosphere and you read an amazing blog post, you should kirtsy to show them some loving.

I called for No Skirt Monday because of The Bloggess' rant about this name change. Which is the part where I'm sad to see sk-rt.com leave us.

Please note that I also changed all the "sk-rt this" buttons below each post to kirtsy this. Feel free to kirsty me all day long.

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Anonymous said...

I also like the name kirtsy a lot more than the others they were tossing around; glad they went with that name!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Love it.

And you look hot without a skirt.



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