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03 June 2008

Bitch Magazine - Genesis Issue

Pick it up people! I'm in it. The issue isn't online yet and I have no idea if my piece will be online, but either way, go buy a copy. Help the magazine out. :)

I wrote a sidebar on mommy blogging and the lack of women of color at some of the bigger/established mommy/parenting community blogs. It's a companion piece to Deesha's larger piece on the lack of moms of color in the anthologies that have multiplied over the past few years.

I won't write much more on it now. But I have already seen some issues with my piece in the blogosphere, but like I said, I'll wait a bit before addressing any of it.

If you don't subscribe you should be able to find Bitch at your local indy bookstore or even one of the big box bookstores (Borders, B&N).

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kate.d. said...

oooh oooh i hope mine arrives in my mailbox by thursday - i'm flying back home this weekend, and just LOVE reading bitch @ the airport. i get so many odd looks :)

congrats on gettin the piece published!

Dani L said...

Of course you are in it!




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