Father's Day Thoughts

First, my Work it, Mom column will be about Father's Day...check it out in the morning.

Second, our daughter made a t-shirt at pre-school for her daddy that she is just soooo proud of. She wants him to wear it every where and he wants to keep it pristine so when we're old, we can pull it out and cherish it. We had IHOP for POP - Mmm....pancakes. Then we went to the Andersonville Midsommarfest and had a great time. Annie, our dog, was the belle of the ball. Our daughter got to the top of the mobile climbing wall. I was proud to walk past Women and Children First and NOT go in and buy a book. Of course, tomorrow is book club...The day was just perfect.

Third, this post at Blogher about forgiving your dad is rather touching in both good and bad ways. I have a lot to forgive my father about, yet as my beloved Tia likes to remind me, I also have a lot to thank him for too. So while I wish he wasn't so old school that he could have told me how proud he was of me when I was growing up, I am thankful that he did teach me how to love baseball. I wish he knew how to communicate his feelings towards me, especially since our translator, my mom, is no longer with us, I am thankful that he is an amazing grandfather to my daughter, the only one not within driving distance of his house. I could go on and on, but I won't for both of our sakes. But I do want to try to evolve from holding grudges to having lots of wishes instead.