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09 June 2008

A future tagger?

I don't tell many stories for the sake of stories of the daughter, but my brain is too dead to blog about much else.

She loves to color on the sidewalk and honestly anything that the chalk will show up. A few weeks ago we were driving out to the burbs on traffic was horrible on the Kennedy. For non-drivers & non-Chicagoans, the el train goes between the lanes of traffic. To protect the train, there are huge cement barriers. At one point, there is a nice size ledge on the barriers and this is when the conversation took place:

D: Oh, mom..I know that we can't do this, but what if the police let us?

Me: Do what?

D: You know, if the police let us sit on the cement, and wow...isn't that a great place to color on?

I just burst out laughing.

Me: Yes, sweetie...it would be perfect for coloring!


I smile every time I see chalk drawings on the sidewalk. Tagging, not so much. ;)


yeah, really, it's too hot or...something...to think of much more substantial. -considers getting some chalk herself-

hehe...She discovered a nice smooth piece of wall near our garage today. It's scheduled for Father's Day tagging.

That's cute! And yeah, it would be a great place to color!

(From NCLM)

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