I love getting presents in the mail! Especially books...

Lookie what the mail carrier & the FedEx dude brought me?

And you know that I'll bring you a review of each after I'm done with them. Oy...my TBR pile is getting higher and higher! Thanks to Claire & Lisa for sending copies. Last week I received the new Our Bodies Ourselves...and yes, I'm sure it'll end up being reviewed on a Wednesday.

Today's NCLM Comments - Oh, so good to be caught up edition:
1. Political Voices of Women brings us Jane Fonda on the pregnancy pact
2. Division Street brings us another Chicago alderman out to ban something
3. Liz at AAUW brings us reasons why she's never getting married.
4. Latino Politics brings us a reduction in machismo
5. Suzie at Echidne brings us some reality about the loss of George Carlin
6. My favorite blogger & purse maker summarizes her weekend

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