Meet The Press with....Carol Marin?

Just after watching Sunday's tribute to Tim Russert one could tell that NBC was going to move fast to name a new host. They kept mentioning that this is the best political year in ages and how sad it was that Tim wouldn't get to see it all play out. Today Zwecker reports a few names in the MTP hopper and lets us in on a possible "round robin" of rotating hosts until a new host can be named:

That said, the source agreed with various reports indicating veteran NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell, younger star David Gregory (who formerly worked in NBC's Chicago-based Midwest bureau), Chris Matthews (said to be quietly lobbying already) or even Gwen Ifill "all are names you hear thrown around."

My husband loved Tim and loved MTP. I was more apt to bounce from him and This Week based on whomever was the guest. Thus we were still talking about Tim on Monday morning on our ride of work (yes, we carpool) and I said, "What about Carol Marin?" And his eyes lit up. That's when I knew I might be on to something. While I love my hubby to death, we don't usually see eye to eye on political things, especially on pundits.

That's when I set my Facebook status as "Carol Marin for MTP" and got a few "hell yeahs!" Next step...Set up the "Draft Carol Marin" Facebook group. Then I let Carol know of my intentions and I waited to open up the group and blog about it until I heard back from her. Ever humble, she said that there are a ton of people out there who could do a better job. OK, maybe a few, but still, I want to see our Chicagoan take on the heavy hitting talking heads on Sunday mornings. If you're from Chicago and have seen her on WTTW or the local news taking on local politicans you'd know that she'd totally kick butt on MTP.

So join the group and let's see what happens. If I get enough people to join, I'll send it to NBC.

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