And I survived!
I did it!
THIRTY-TWO days of commenting!
160 comments left!
32 comments back!

Here is my last edition of NCLM:
1) Claire gets me all misty about graduation as well as wondering where my former peeps are today. Most of 'em I know and thanks to knowing Huffy & being on Facebook, I've caught up with a few more. Don't be shy!
2) Hijas Americanas tempts me with jewelry
3) Profound Sarcasm is tracking Alex Trebek's D-bag status.
4)Jenny knows how to celebrate the big 4-0!
5) Lastly, Stirrup Queens, mama of NCLM, is having her blogoversary today!

OH...and Queen of Spain is having a Twitter wake! Don't miss it.

Comment back: the working mommy gourmet - my bestest mommy friend and a woman who puts me to shame in the kitchen. I have no idea how she cooks so much with TWO kids!

Whew! thanks to all the new readers, I hope you stick around! I know I found a few new ones.

I learned a lot during this month. For one, I normally do leave a lot of comments. The second, I love getting them! So keep 'em up peeps! :)


Dani L said...

Thanks for the shout out - and right back at you! (I am personally in awe of all the activist and political work you do and the blogging and writing.... and a terrific mommy to boot!)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

192 comments is incredible!

Marjorie said...

Greetings! With all the commenting going on, I wanted to send out a shout-out to you to thank you for adding your full feed to your RSS. Seriously, I hate when bloggers only use partial feeds, as it defeats the purpose of having feed readers (since I end up having to open up yet another window/tab, which -- when you have 50 or so feeds like I do -- can result in a couple dozen sites you end up having to open up).

I've been an RSS reader of your site for a few months and am loving your writing. Keep up the awesome work!