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16 June 2008

New Feature - What to Buy Wednesdays

Well, that's what I'll call it unless I come up with a snazzier name...which is as likely as my backyard gate getting a real latch before springtime 2009. So come Wednesday I'll post a short diddy about what I recommend to pregnant women, new moms, moms in general, and those who are buying for any of the women above.

If you are a marketer and want to pitch me your product, go right ahead! You can leave a comment, find me on Facebook, twitter me, or send me an email to myfirstname.arreola@gmail.com. Note, replace myfirstname with, well, my first name. Hint, it's veronica. If you send me an email to my work addy, I'll just delete it...unless it's a wii with MLB 2008. But my line is that I do honest reviews and if I decide your product isn't worth the buy, I will say that. In my very gentle way of course.

Alrighty...now to focus on getting my new Dell in working order. Long story...still without a conclusion.


What a neat idea. Hopefully you'll get lots of free stuff out of the deals. Good luck!

Here via NCLM

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