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10 June 2008

Today's NCLM

1. La Chola
(honestly, I can't leave comments, but I would have if I could. AND BFP is back! She is back with a vengeance and I feel like I'm in her sight line, but I still love that she's back. Yes, I'm a paranoid liberal feminist of color!)
2. Goddesses Rising
3. Fierce Women Dish
4. Hijas Americanas
5. Black Mothers in Academia (new blogger, go say hi!)
6. Latino Politics Blog has a new feature "Latino Legislator of the Week"
7. Work it, Dad Blog - Yes, we do have a dad at Work it, Mom!
8. The Hidden Side of a Leaf (full disclosure, I submitted a poor essay for that anthology. For reals, thinking back, it really sucked.)
9. MOMformation
10. And last, but not least, Dawn at this woman's work

(That leaves me with ten for tomorrow! Almost caught up...only to leave on Friday & Saturday)

Comment back:
A Blog of One's Own (A new blog, go over and welcome her to the party!)

And Judith Arcana has a new website! Check it out. I hope to have a present for one of you that is related to her soon. *wink*


adriana said...

I'm glad that you appreciate "Latino Legislator of the Week." I was wondering if anyone would care. :)

Veronica said...

You're very welcome! Keep it up.


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