Why "Meet the Press" Needs Carol Marin

No, I'm not giving up on this yet. Today I give you one more piece of evidence why I love her so much and why she needs to be the one who puts our policy peeps on the hot seat:

Now that Obama has clinched the nomination, Alexander will not hesitate to give him her vote. But she's still looking for Obama to send a stronger signal than she thinks he has.

Though "his positions on women's issues are solid," said Alexander by phone from Detroit Tuesday, "he doesn't have a long record like Hillary, wasn't a trailblazer [for women] like Hillary..." and there is a "thin understanding of what he's done policy-wise with regard to women."

Without question, Obama regularly discusses being raised by a single mother, talks about what kind of world he wants for his two young daughters, and what kind of economic justice is required for all citizens -- men and women.

That's not the same thing as a full-blown discussion about sexism.
See that? Brilliant! She gives Obama the kudos he deserves, but asks for more. Why is it wrong to ask for more from him? It's not. And if he or one of his surrogates were on MTP while Marin was hosting, she'd ask that question and push until we got a real answer or they were exposed as just another fauxgressive who doesn't give a rats ass about women's rights.

The Facebook group just went over 100 people. Not as fast as most other Facebook groups get, but hey, it's moving up there.

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