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Jana Footnote

In some ways I don't want to keep blogging Jana stuff and in some ways I don't want us to forget her. It's been a surreal week for more than just one reason. Lots of drama within my circle of friends and then some awesome news for me...I'll update on Monday. But all of it caused me to reflect on my life, how lucky and unlucky I have been, and how much love and support I have around me. And much of that support didn't come easy either.

So seeing all the loving and outraged comments around the blogosphere and here on Jana renewed my hope for humanity. NOW sent out a condolence email, California NOW blogged it, and Hesperia's rant was very welcomed.

Some days I admit to wanting to chuck it all and move out to the middle of nowhere and just stop thinking. The day I read about Jana was one of those days. But then I snap out of it and get angry all over again. Angry that I'd even want to check out!

I'm off for pool-tastic fun and hopefully many pitchers of margaritas with a friend. I promise to return refreshed and ready for the next fight.

Have a great weekend!


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