31 July 2008

Mama Mia - Feminist Movie Madness?

First, I'm soooo glad that I wasn't the only person traumatized by "The Dark Knight." My husband still wants to debate it with me, but I still am unsure of how I feel. And dear goddess, why did you have to take Heath!?

Anywho, go read Sarah Seltzer's take on Mama Mia - warning - chock full of spoilers. The Mr. is a huge ABBA fan, so we'll end up seeing this...perhaps once it is a $5 movie. And I can't wait!!


kate.d. said...

traumatized? why? how? more info pls! once you've sorted out how you feel, of course :)

BobS said...

When the Joker blows up the Gotham General Hospital, that was not a model or a computer generated image. That was part of the old Brach's Candy factory on Chicago's West Side, not far from where I live.

Run into the ground by a Swiss corporate raider, Brachs finally closed after a 14 year battle to keep it open. The West Side lost 3700 jobs that it could ill afford to part with. Brachs was only one of the many manufacturing facilities that have disappeared in our so-called "City of Big Shoulders".

Seeing the "Gotham General Hospital" disappear into a ball of flame was tough for me to watch. The real life tragedy was bad enough.

More historical details at http://www.bobboblog.org/bobbo-48 if you are interested.

Bob Simpson

Victory Garden said...

I posted about Mamma Mia and women in entertainment over at the CA NOW blog too: http://www.canow.org/canoworg/2008/07/there-are-a-lot.html

Pat R said...

this is one of the only plays i've ever seen, which ended up being great... it's funny to think of ol' Pierce taking a stab at singing, yeeesh