More on Jana

Today is Jana's funeral.

  • Alternet ran with this story, apparently broken by this blog, yet rewritten for them. I only find that odd in that Alternet seems to like to cross-post blogs...Perhaps mine was too personal of a post as their post was more of a straight forward obit. *shrug* I try to understand what they look for, but it's a mystery to me.
  • Uncensored Feminista marks her 1-year-blog bday by discussing Jana and how she also lost a sibling, almost a year ago.
  • Sociolitryst spread the word, as has Feministe, The F-Word, and Aiken Area Progressive
    • AAP wins the award for best title.
  • Everyday Citizen left two moving tributes to Jana in the comments and I want to make sure you all see them.
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A fund has been set up at Jana's former law school to honor her memory:

Jana Mackey Support for Public Advocacy Fund

c/o Dean of Law

Green Hall

1535 W. 15th St.

Lawrence, KS 66045

--fund info via Alternet