Not a Mundane Monday

1] Thank you to everyone who came here, over a thousand according to FeedBurner (a new record!), to find information on Jana. I failed to mention, because it was in the news pieces, that she was a lobbyist for Kansas NOW and other progressive & feminist orgs. And thanks to Feministing & Shakesville for sending people over. If you also linked here, I thank you. Not for the visits, but to spread the word about Jana. If you haven't clicked on the comments, her brother stopped by to say thank you too.

2] Work it, Mom! Monday is a conversation about how difficult it can be for women to socialize within the workplace. While I'm the chatty chick here, get me in a room with cheese, wine & people and I'll spend all my time with the cheese & wine. And despite my tomboy childhood, I'm still not always good with hanging with the guys if they are being all potty-mouthed. Thank the goddess I work with good feminists (mostly women & one great guy). You don't even need to be a mom to comment either.

3] I just finished "Finding Iris Chang" and need to write a proper review. Just a warning. Oddly, I think it'll be a humorous review too. I also need to write reviews for two other books I just finished in the last week. One was super short, no hating, k?

4] I'm way behind in my magazine reading...I still haven't read much of the Bitch Magazine that I'm in! I cycle between downing books and mags. But I just finished reading Randa Jarrar's piece in make/shift about being a mom writer and I loved it! OMG, while I don't consider myself a writer, yet, I do recognize so much of it reflecting on being a mom activist. Esp the part where her son complains about going to another reading and would rather stay home to watch HSM. So far, so good on that part...but the kid's only 5, so I'm sure she'll want to ditch the NOW Conference for Great America one day.

5] And to end on a funny note...Ever wonder where I got the name for this blog? While th e term feminista isn't new, it was mentioned in an episode of "The West Wing" and the Mr. is thinking that his BFF, Dan, saw it and like the Mr. likened me to Amy and bam! started to call me "La Feminista!" when we'd hang out. So when I was sitting around last summer (Holy Shit! July 10th is my blog's bday! I need cupcakes!) thinking of a name for this new baby, La Feminista came to mind. I think I've told this story before, but it wasn't until the Mr. was watching "West Wing" - again - that he realized that Josh had called Amy & her fellow feminists that name. So that's Aaron Sorkin & BFF Dan for naming my blog.