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13 July 2008

The Onion Couldn't Have Done Better

On the way to pick up the hubby on Thursday, NPR ran a story about a group called "Latinas for McCain." I can't describe it, so you have to listen yourself. It also provoked some letters.

The only thing I can say is that it is sad when stories, especially ones on NPR allow the interviewees to perpetuate myths about anyone, especially the "he's really a Muslim" myth about Barack Obama. I'm sure there were many other reasons why those Latinas were voting for McCain.


Habladora said...

Yeah, I heard that piece and it horrified me. Once woman kept insisting that he'd 'changed his religion' twice, even after the reporter reminded her that Obama has never been Muslim. I'm just not sure that the piece made it clear enough that her conception of Obama's religious background is flat wrong.


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