Product Review: Action Scrubber

As we all know us mommy bloggers are the shit with marketers right now because we buy a lot of stuff and we talk about it. The gals over at Mom Central sent me a sample of the new Action Scrubber from Scrubbing Bubbles.

First of all, let me remind you that I am the worst housekeeper ever. My husband took over the bathroom duties years ago and does a fabu job...mostly because he has a much lower tolerance for dirt than I do. But I do love cleaning the bathroom.

Tonight I took out the Action Scrubber and tested its worth.

Overall I think it kinda failed. Yes, I love the idea of the scrubber and cleaner in one, but honestly I'm trying to be more green than that. I was thou afraid that the scrubber would super clean my dirty tub so much that Mr. Not-so-Green would say, "See, we need harsh chemicals!"

It did clean the tub, but I didn't see too much of an improvement since the last time I cleaned the tub...which wasn't more than a few weeks ago.

What I didn't like is that the scrubber died in my hands. Yes, I put my muscle behind the scrubber and it ripped off the velcro'd handle. Was I too hard? Well, if I'm trying to get soap scum off my tub so my daughter's lil toes walk on a clean tub, heck yes.

If you're still into disposable cleaning products and want something that will work quickly (no time for looking for a sponge and the cleaner) then this for you.

I know, not a glowing review, but it did clean my tub. Just not as awesome as those scrubbing bubble commercials would have you think.

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