This week in Feminista...

I'm suffering from quite the hang over from the PWV training. It didn't help that after my husband picked me up from O'Hare that we went to see "The Dark Knight."

But I do want to let you know that tomorrow's Work it, Mom! - Moms on Issues post will be my interview with Hannah Storm. YES! I got to interview Hannah Storm! And I set it all up. Emailed the PR folks and all. Yes, I'm kick ass. Actually the ESPN folks were super kewl to work with, so I'd say that they were kick ass in working with this interview newbie.

I'm also working on a piece that's been rumbling thru my head for weeks about the business of mommy blogging, integrity, respect, and expectations. Look for that Tuesday...I hope.

Wednesday will bring another edition of "What to Buy" for all the preggy chicks out there. And despite Twitter rumors, I'm not preggers. Did I mention I had a nightmare about that? Seriously, now is not a good time.

Thursday I hope to have a book review for y'all. Which one, not sure yet.

Friday is the kid's 5th birthday.

So that's what I'm working on.