Viva La Feminista is one year old!

The party penguin is starting the party up a little late due to a hectic day of work and then a sushi party for the Chicago Abortion Fund. But enough about our work day, it's time to party!

One year ago I sat in front of a computer and started up this baby and woo-wee has it taken off far better than I had anticipated.

Thanks so much to everyone who visits or reads this lil blog on a regular basis. If you're stumbling thru, thank you too!

So what's a party with out some gifts?

Thanks to Mom Central, I have a two Preserve tooth brushes to give away! Yes, I'm giving tooth brushes away on my blog bday. Gotta a problem with that? Dental hygiene is important and then a toothbrush that's made of recycled yogurt cups? Keep your teeth clean AND be green!

And when it's time to get a new brush, you send your brush back to Recycline and they recycle it AGAIN!

Now that's getting a lot of use out of a yogurt cup.

But that's not all...My mother-in-law is awesome. Especially when she travels to China for work and brings me home some purses. She's gone enough times that I actually have too many bags! Can you believe it?

So here's your chance to get a free pouch.

To enter just leave a comment (with your email, if it's not on your Blogger profile) and leave me some love. Tell me your favorite post from the past year - no need to link to it, just say, "That time you ranted about X." Or just why you keep coming back. I'll pick winners at random.

I'm leaving for a mini-vacation tomorrow, so you have until Monday to leave a comment!

And again...THANK YOU for reading!