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10 July 2008

Viva La Feminista is one year old!

The party penguin is starting the party up a little late due to a hectic day of work and then a sushi party for the Chicago Abortion Fund. But enough about our work day, it's time to party!

One year ago I sat in front of a computer and started up this baby and woo-wee has it taken off far better than I had anticipated.

Thanks so much to everyone who visits or reads this lil blog on a regular basis. If you're stumbling thru, thank you too!

So what's a party with out some gifts?

Thanks to Mom Central, I have a two Preserve tooth brushes to give away! Yes, I'm giving tooth brushes away on my blog bday. Gotta a problem with that? Dental hygiene is important and then a toothbrush that's made of recycled yogurt cups? Keep your teeth clean AND be green!

And when it's time to get a new brush, you send your brush back to Recycline and they recycle it AGAIN!

Now that's getting a lot of use out of a yogurt cup.

But that's not all...My mother-in-law is awesome. Especially when she travels to China for work and brings me home some purses. She's gone enough times that I actually have too many bags! Can you believe it?

So here's your chance to get a free pouch.

To enter just leave a comment (with your email, if it's not on your Blogger profile) and leave me some love. Tell me your favorite post from the past year - no need to link to it, just say, "That time you ranted about X." Or just why you keep coming back. I'll pick winners at random.

I'm leaving for a mini-vacation tomorrow, so you have until Monday to leave a comment!

And again...THANK YOU for reading!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! congratulations...you look fabulous for a one year old!


Unknown said...

:) I can't believe you've been doing this for a year. It hardly seems like its been that long. I won't tell you a specific vent that I loved...I just want to thank you for venting at all...I find myself feeling insecure about how I feel about certain issues and so I keep my mouth shut. Thank YOU for not keeping yours shut.

Love you


Florinda said...

Congratulations on your first blogiversary - you look so young :-)!

I have your blog in my Google Reader because the issues you talk about matter to me too, and you talk about them better than I do. Oh, and then there are the occasional book reviews and baseball talk, too.

Enjoy your mini-vacation, and keep it coming for another year!

Jolleen said...

Hi! Long-time lurker here, but I'm finally piping up to say Happy Blog Birthday!!!!

Can't pick a favorite post, but I'll have to say it was the one about Rayana and her choices about her pregnancies. I was heartbroken to hear about how her mom forbade her to abort during her first few pregnancies. I think it's very important to hear stories like this.

Unknown said...

ok, i've been urged here enough by your twitter urging, so I am here, and I will vote, even though i ALWAYS lose when it comes to random votes, hence my general refusal to sign up for them!!!

Ok, my fav post here was your post with maya angelou and her poetry for hillary clinton. I liked to read the poetry because Maya is just amazing anyway, but I also liked how it was presented in a political way and that it inspired me to post my own posts about it.

and you do that a lot for me!!!!

ok, twitter urging--you can no longer guilt me!!!!

(and happy birthday to your bloggy, love)



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