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23 July 2008

What to Buy Wednesday – Baby sling/carrier

The item I miss using the most from when my daughter was a baby is the baby sling & the Bjorn.

I miss having her so close to me; I miss her being small enough to fit into the darn things!

Now baby slings are associated with granola moms or attachment parenting. Sure, they strap their babies to them, but I have to tell you, you are going to want to have that carrier, especially if the baby comes during nice weather (spring – fall). I put my daughter in the Bjorn to take a walk, to walk around the apartment to get her to sleep, and well anytime I wanted to use both my hands, I put her in there.

My daughter certainly lived up to the theory that babies like to be close to you. Heck, she's almost five and she still wants to be next to us.

I also used a wrap sling. It wasn't as easy to use as the Bjorn, but I'm sure that was because I didn't use it enough to learn all the tricks.

In the end, the carrier was quite a life saver. So send your friend this perfect gift.

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Jessica McFadden said...

I completely agree. I loved my sling!

belledame222 said...

Attachment parenting seems like not a bad thing to me anyway, although I am sure that there must be...excesses, as with everything else. I like the marsupialness of the sling, the idea, anyway, whatever that means from a nonparent.

Unknown said...

sling worked *way* better for me than anything else, esp. with son who had some serious reflux. Often, sitting in a chair with him in the sling was the only way we could get any sleep at all. He could be upright so that his tummy didn't bother him, and we didn't have to be scared that if our arms relaxed from falling asleep, he'd go crashing to the floor.

man, those early years of babyhood--they're like a haze to me. i'd forgotten until I wrote this how little sleep we got...


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