What to Buy Wednesday - Body Pillow

When I got pregnant a good friend who was about six months ahead of me said, "You have to get a body pillow." I said, "Sure..." and filed it in the back of my head.

By the time she had her daughter, I was just at the end of my first trimester and starting to actually FEEL pregnant. That, "OMG, I feel an extra few pounds heavy...And I can't roll on my belly!" Yes, medical folks will tell you that you do need to sleep on your side and for someone who is a belly sleeper, that's a HUGE adjustment. So when my husband & I went to visit the new lil baby, I said a world of YES to her offer to borrow the body pillow.

This was after a few weeks of us looking for one at a reasonable price. Of course now you can buy one at Target for $18 ($9 for the pillow, $9 for the cover) and I have it! You can spend more on one and I bet they feel great...seriously, a body pillow is freaking heaven, thus a Tempur-Pedic one must be heaven with fat-free cream cheese frosting that tastes like full-fat cream cheese frosting.

Sleeping has to be one of the biggest complaints for pregnant women. You try sleeping with 20 pounds of water on your belly for 5 months...It throws off your natural sleep positioning, your back is already hurting from the strain of the baby and then you get into bed. It should be relief, but sometimes it isn't.

As I said, I have the $18 Target pillow. I found that my back isn't the same after having the kid (my theory is part being pregnant and part the epidural...MY THEORY only!), but after getting even just this cheapy version, I am sleeping way better. AND for those of you who think that a normal pillow between your legs will work? Maybe for you, but I move a lot in my sleep, so a normal pillow just gets lost.

I recommend this gift to come from the partner of the pregnant woman. She's gonna be bitchy about sleep, so why not show her you know it's gonna be rough by getting this early?

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