What to Buy Wednesday - Journal/Blank Book

Soon after I got pregnant, Cinnamon mentioned to me that one of her most cherished items is a journal that her mom kept while she was pregnant with Cinnamon. I kept both a pen & paper journal and a blog during my pregnancy. Of course now that the daughter is here, I do more blogging about her than writing...and in the last six months, I've hardly blogged about her too!

But this week's suggestion for a possibly low-cost gift for the pregnant woman in your life is a simple blank book and pen. Sure, go ahead and spend more on a diary or even a diary for moms as well as a nice pen instead of a regular ball-point pen.

Write a short note to her on a sheet of paper or even inside the journal. Perhaps she will open up to her child-to-be in those blank sheets. Go ahead and talk about the ups and downs of the pregnancy, I sure did. If something happens to me before my daughter gets her hands on it, she's gonna need some therapy. I wrote very honestly about my mother's illness, her death and my pain.

Of course, I wish everyone a very happy and glowing pregnancy journal. I also encourage new moms to journal the first year. Yes, you may think things you may not want your child to know, but maybe you can have one for yourself and one for the kid. But journaling, like blogging, is to therapeutic.

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