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25 July 2008

WMC Progressive Women's Voices Day One part 2

I'm exhausted...mostly mentally. I also feel incredibly lame for being in my hotel room in NYC watching "Swingtown."

Today we worked on messaging. How to create our message and how to tighten it. We also took turns doing an on camera interview.

As soon as I sat down for mine I knew I was doomed. The first question asked was one that I normally trip over, mostly because I have about 5 different answers for it. I didn't know which one to use and of course I went with the most awkward/hard to say in a concise way. It took me awhile to warm up to the interview as well. While watching myself later was one of the more awkward things I've ever done, the room was filled with uber-supportive women. They all gave some fab feedback on how to strengthen my message.

I knew a lot of the things that were "taught" to us today, as did many of my classmates. The difference was going thru the activities together, getting & giving feedback, and of course having all of us with the same goal - get in the media more with better messages.

Tomorrow we have to tape a 30-second message...that will be then emailed to producers & others who are looking for media sources. *gulp*


CV said...

Hi Veronica-

It's so exciting for you (and your readers) that you're part of the Progressive Women's Voices training... and I have a big request to ask of you...

Would you be willing to blog fairly comprehensively about this experience, much in the same way as so many bloggers (and you) have written about the BlogHer conference? I would be very interested to hear what you're learning about in general, how you are applying it to your own writing, what you are learning from the other participants (some of whom are familiar and whose writing rocks).

I wish that more 'mommy bloggers' would take the time to think critically and politically about what their project is (or isn't)so that womens' voices online could get more targeted, more powerful, and more influential. I know that this is part of the goal of the PWV program-- and I wonder how you could share the insights, esp. with those of us who are interested but aren't in the appropriate arena to look forward to attending such a program.
Thanks for thinking of this.

CV Harquail


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