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22 July 2008

Work it, Mom Monday on Tuesday

Apologies for not posting until today, but Monday was jam packed with work & fun.

You can see this week's Work it, Mom post where I ponder whether or not moms really can be green. Being a mom myself I know that convenient-sized items really do make a difference in my life. Can I cut them out? Can others?

I also posted to Chicago Parent about why I applied to the Progressive Women's Voices program.

I am freaking about what to wear this weekend. Thankfully I did get a haircut on Friday, a new work tote on Sunday, I'm getting my nails done today, and Cinnamon's putting the finishing touches on a new purse for me. Um yeah…I was already in the process of a "grown up make-over" and this trip just put that plan into high gear. I love my totes & messenger bags I do have (seriously, see how loved they are!), but I know that I needed to upgrade for work.

And this video is sooooo me. Love it!


Funny video. Maybe I'll give up Twitter so I can watch the rest of her series.

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