I utilized this new Google thing where I bought the domain,, and then Blogger directs this blog to the domain. No hosting fees! Rockin'!!

So everyone reading this can get to the blog thru both or, but it will bump you right to the domain site. With this, I can also add some additional pages to make this more like a site rather than just a blog, which is super awesome. Be on the look out for additional stuff here.

The downside? I had to reclaim my blog over at Technorati which means I have freaking start over with my rating. *sigh* I was up to 87 on the blogspot addy. Why they don't let you change your blog addy, I'll never understand. But hopefully this won't be a huge punishment when marketers, especially a few book blog tour peeps, look at my rating and freak out that a single digit rating blog wants in on their goodies. *shrug*

Thankfully Feedburner takes care of the RSS feed. woot!


Florinda said...

I just did the same thing, and yeah, the Technorati reboot is kind of a bummer. Otherwise, it's amazing how easy it is to do this. Congratulations on your new "home"!

PunditMom said...

What's up w/ Tehcnorati? The same thing happened to me! A vast right wing conspiracy perhaps??

Veronica said...

My only guess is that despite all the genius that is in Technorati, they can't figure out how to calc our numbers from two different URLs. I'm sure there's a Nobel Prize for that discovery. ;-)

Kim Moldofsky said...

Hmmm. You had me going until the Technorati bit... I have a tendency to collect domain names the way some women collect shoes.So I might just do it.
I don't own any hot ones that a company might want to buy from me some day, just ones that I think of during random flashes of brilliance.