Happy Birthday Kid!

Today my beautiful baby girl turns FIVE!

In honor of her day, I present my five favorite things about Elizabeth:
  1. She cares about others.
  2. She loves to teach others.
  3. She loves to climb trees.
  4. She loves to read and be read to.
  5. She loves the Cubs.
Honestly I couldn't begin to list all the things that I love about my girl. She's helped me become a better person, push me to points I didn't think I could go, and taught me to love myself.

Before she came along, I did a lot of "what about the children?" talking in regards to taking care of the Earth, our civil liberties, etc. Now...it really is all about her. I want to talk her ear off when she asks me in 10 years, "What did you do, Mom?"

Mija, this is what I did.