Happy Women's Equality Day!


I just finished live-blogging HRC's speech over at PunditMom's Blogher blog. I am spent!

88 years ago today women finally won the right to vote. Oddly and logically it was sold to the country as a motherly duty. That because we raise tomorrow's workers and voters, we should also have the right to vote. 88 years ago it was thought that women would follow their husband's lead in the voting booth. Oh, how wrong they ended up being!

Most of the married women I know are far more liberal than their spouses and of course, once you're in the voting booth, all bets are off. I also recently met a die-hard progressive feminist who is married to a REPUBLICAN! Dear goodness!! But I still love and admire said woman. ;-)

I get asked every now and then THE question, "If women are the majority in this country, why don't we have more women elected officials?" I don't have an easy answer for that one. But I'm sure it has to do with more women having less time to actually vote on election day. That's why I'm happy to see expansion of absentee and early voting around the country. Of course, I still think that that Election Day should be a federal holiday or at least the first half or last half of the day.

Added to that is the messy balancing act that women do every day. Mother, wife, woman...It's hard.

Speaking of which...time for bed. Night all.