Help Build a Children's Book Collection !

I got this in my email a few months ago. Yeah, I'm a slacker. Shari is looking for book recommendations, donations, and people to help out.

Book by Book: Social Justice Children’s Library will provide a centralized location for the youth of Berkeley and Oakland to congregate and access resources for social justice and environmental activism, education, and exploration. The primary goal and function of Book by Book is to provide access to books whose content reflects the diversity of the student population, and which expands children’s knowledge of a global community. Books on ethnicity, immigrant lives, diaspora, and assimilation, as well as environmentalism, activism, and community engagement will all be core to the Library. Themes of multiculturalism, feminism, empowerment, diverse families, bilingualism, animal rights, and anything else relevant to the mission of social justice, will be highlighted in the collection. Book by Book is currently seeking book recommendations and donations (books appropriate for preschool through middle school), but we’d especially love partnerships, networking, and collaboration with like-minded individuals and nonprofit organizations working for social justice for the children of the Bay Area.

Please contact Shari if you’d like to help! Contact: Shari Leskowitz,
Don't forget to check out their spiffy new website too!

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