Kiss My Math

Danica McKellar, aka Winnie Cooper, has a new book out. In reality it is the sequel to her first book, "Math Doesn't Suck" where she aims to teach you some pre-algebra topics (pdf):

By the time you finish reading them, however, you’ll be a whiz at tons of pre-algebra topics, including integers, negative numbers, absolute value, inequalities, the distributive property, working with variables, word problems, exponents, functions, graphing, and tons of ways to solve for x.

OK, if that scared the bejezus outta you, stop now. While I didn't quite like the concept of teaching "girl" math, there is a real need to make science, math & engineering more girl-friendly. Even I, the math nerd I am, zoned out each time we had to do a problem about shooting two bullets or when two rockets would meet. I'd rather spend time trying to figure out how long it would take a fish to outswim a predator.

McKellar is sticking to her girly examples and well, I have to admit, I bet it works. Here she is on GMA talking about the examples she gives in the book including how to figure out the average number of times your boyfriend texted you during the week.

I wonder if in either book she talks about the math behind purse making, knitting or MPGs on your tricked out scooter? Hmmm. I'm serious people! Now to go find a copy I can flip thru. Althou, I'd really love a review copy, Winnie!

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