More on the business of mommy blogging

This time Kim weighs in.

Today I got my first unsolicited material in the mail. What else? A book! But I wasn't pitched it, I just got it. I might review it, but I'm sure I'll end up giving it away. It's mostly a photography book and well, that's not my area.

But Kim! Oh, my, Kim gets peanuts delivered to her door! So she's not a pure, anti-ad mommy blogger. She just wants to get paid for it. And she's damn right.

She also got me into an event next week with a big company. Thanks Kim!

So the big question is if say, um, Target came to me and asked me to help launch their blog and I got paid say $50 a post, but I didn't have to mention Target, just blog about mommy things. Products are good too, but don't have to do it. Just help start a community. Would that make you love me less? Would you think I had more integrity if I did all that and didn't get paid?

And of course, if Target is considering this, my contact link is on the sidebar. I can see you from my front yard! *batting eyes*