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24 August 2008

This week in Feminista...

Monday will be my weekly column at Work it, Mom!

Wednesday will be another edition of my popular series, "What to Buy Wednesday," where I talk honestly with pregnant women & new moms (not to mention their friends & loved ones) about what moms really need to buy. No pushing the Baby Einstein here, mamas! Real, simple, and honest.

Tuesday & Thursday there should be radio silence as I have four huge deadlines this week. Two essays and two book reviews. Thankfully the book reviews are almost done, but I need to hunker down this week to finish them up. One is slated for publication and that means CHA-CHING! Any posting those days will most likely be pointing you to other blogs.

Plus Thursday is not only kindergarten orientation, but also our pre-school end of the year party.

Friday should be a down & out tear fest as the daughter leaves pre-school/day care for the "last time" as we head into the Labor Day weekend and then to kindergarten. I put that in quotes as we do have a feeling we might have to beg for a day or two when neither the hubby nor I can take the day off on her many teacher institute days.

Have a great week all!!

PS: I hope to post about the second weekend of Progressive Women's Voices next weekend. Lots to still process, but lots to tell.



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